• 26cm LED Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder Circle Lightning - NO TRIPOD

    26cm LED Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder Circle Lightning - NO TRIPOD

    Features: 26cm light ring with 360 degree rotation 3 light modes - cool, natural and warm Adjustable light intensity Bluetooth remote control Rechargeable with USB cable (2 metre) Compatible with most smartphones Tripod is NOT included.


    Don't pay: $49.95

  • Otto Content Creator Kit

    Otto Content Creator Kit

    This Content Creator Kit is an ideal starter set for anyone with an interest in vlogging, live streaming or creating content while on the go. This plug an play kit includes an easy to use cordless, omni directional microphone that is great for video recordings, as well as a rechargeable selfie ring light that clips onto any smartphone or well-lit videos and selfies. Plus, the included selfie stick can transform into a sturdy tripod, providing versatile functionality to create spectacular images. Features: Included in this set are a selfie stick with remote control, mobile phone ring light, wireless lapel microphone, lightning adaptor and carry pouch as well as USB-C and Micro USB charging cables. The materials are constructed from ABS plastic, glass-filled nylon plastic, TPE, aluminium alloy, LED light, battery, PCB, fabric and nylon. The omni directional microphone has a 2 hour working time and 20 m transmission distance. The selfie stick has a 300 - 830 mm height range and can hold smartphones with a width of 55 - 85 mm. The mobile ring light is a 60 piece LED and offers full light white light and warm light. It has a maximum load weight of 1 kg. Otto is a fashionable brand focused on providing you with quality products in stylish designs so you can express your personality at home, school or work.


    Don't pay: $69.00

  • Audio-Technica Camera Mount Microphone ATR6250X

    Audio-Technica Camera Mount Microphone ATR6250X

    This Audio-Technica Camera Mount Microphone offers high-quality stereo pickup with a compact design. It's well-suited to use with cameras and audio recorders, and comes with a camera shoe mount to fix it in place whilst recording. An interchangeable mic stand, foam windscreen and batteries also come included. Features: It's ideal for recording audio with a camera or audio recorder. It connects via a short camera cable (3.5 mm stereo to 3.5 mm stereo) and the long recording cable (3.5 mm stereo to dual 3.5 mm mono). The microphone is powered by a single AA battery, which comes included. It comes with a windshield for filming outdoors. There is a shoehorn mount for use with cameras.


    Don't pay: $99.00

  • GoPRO 3Way Selfie Stick / Grip / Tripod / Extension

    GoPRO 3Way Selfie Stick / Grip / Tripod / Extension

    Compatible with all GoPro cameras, the GoPro 3-Way Camera Mount is an ultra versatile way to position your shots. The mount can be moved and folded in order to function as a camera grip, extension arm, or tripod for the camera. Features: The flexible GoPro 3-Way Camera Mount can be configured for capturing POV footage, selfies, follow-cam, static tripod shots, and more. A lightweight, mini tripod can be stored inside the handle, which can also be detached from the arm and used as a camera grip. At only 19cm when collapsed, the versatile camera mount can be extended out to 50.8cm when fully stretched. Lightweight and designed to be waterproof, the 3-Way Camera Mount is a great solution no matter where you’re taking your GoPro.


    Don't pay: $118.00

  • GoPro Suction Cup Mount

    GoPro Suction Cup Mount

    The GoPro Suction Cup Mount allows you to attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and other moving vehicles. This industrial strength suction cup is engineered to provide stability for your GoPro when traveling at speeds up to 214 km/h so you will never miss a shot. Features: It attaches to cars, boats, motorcycles and other moving vehicles. It uses an industrial-strength suction cup that is proven at speeds above 241 km/h. It has been engineered to provide a wide range of motion and stability for your GoPro. It has a quick release base which makes moving between shots and locations quick and convenient.


    Don't pay: $64.00

  • Canon Selphy Square XS-20L Film 20 Pack

    Canon Selphy Square XS-20L Film 20 Pack

    This Canon Selphy Square Film is compatible with the Selphy Square QX10 printers, which you can use to print out instant images from your smartphone. The film prints square images with a border for writing on and offer a cool retro look to display on a wall, in a scrapbook, or on the fridge. For maximum simplicity, the XS-20L film is sold as a paper and ink set to ensure that the images are always ready to print. Features: This film is compatible with the Canon Selphy Square QX10 printers. It allows you to print out square images with a border for writing on, giving them a retro look. The film comes in a 1:1 square shape with a border, perfect for; displaying on the fridge, in scrapbooks, on walls, and more. For maximum simplicity, the film is sold as a paper and ink set, designed to work for a certain number of prints, after which, the ink is exchanged; this ensures that images are always ready to print. This pack has 20 prints in it.


    Don't pay: $25.00

  • Microsoft L2 LifeCam Cinema Webcam

    Microsoft L2 LifeCam Cinema Webcam

    Complete your online meetings without tech disruptions, using the Microsoft L2 LifeCam Cinema Webcam. It boasts impressive, widescreen, 720p quality thanks to the high-precision glass. Video call no matter the weather, this camera's crystal clear audio and TrueColour feature that automatically sharpens images and adjusts the exposure of your image for the perfect picture. Features: Get everyone in frame, with this widescreen cinema webcam that displays a resolution of 1280 x 720. Comes with a digital, noise-cancelling microphone for crystal clear audio. It has wired, USB connectivity. It's compatible with Windows 7 devices. It can be clipped to the top of your screen or free-standing atop your desk. The TrueColour feature helps sharpen and adjust the exposure of your displayed video. The high-precision glass lens helps improve your picture in low light settings. It comes in a professional, black shade.


    Don't pay: $59.00

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