Eastland, Melbourne, VIC

The Impact

We've partnered with David Jones to support sustainable outcomes for their store closures.

We embraced an exciting opportunity reflect our shared commitment to sustainability during the closure of their Eastland department store.

Our mission was to reuse and repurpose the quality fixtures and fittings, ensuring that these items found new homes and purposes instead of ending up in landfills.

What's The Issue?

Under a tight timeline, David Jones needed a de-fit and demolition service for their Eastland store.

With this project, the David Jones location had an excess of high-quality fixtures and fittings—from clothing racks to visual merchandising displays, looking for a new place to call home.

On top of the sustainable de-fit, a strategy was needed to rehome these pieces sustainably to reduce the impact.

How Did We Solve This?

Through reuse and repurposing stock, a rehoming strategy was developed to help find these pieces new homes before the de-fit deadline.

  • Reusing retail fixtures and fittings at other David Jones stores, including Chadstone and Southland
  • Rehomed inventory to small and medium-sized businesses and community groups

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